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50′s time travel movies

Vacations to distant places are also max pop. People want to go far away. In fact, they want to forget their troubles for a few days as they take in panoramic views. Still, these trips can be so expensive. Also, you are limited as to the number of days that you can stay away. Jobs seldom give more than two week vacation and often your boss does not give your permission.

Books can take you on a trip to other universes even. Still, the stories lack the visual appeal of being there, and most feel phony to me. Certainly, it is not the same.

time travel

Well, another form of escape is going to movies. For a few hours your are transported to place where everything is nice. People are friendly, and there is no crime. It helps take you to a place where all your troubles melt away. Hey, my favorite is 50’s time travel movies. Think of back to the future and other films in that genre. Those are great to help you remember a time when things were a lot brighter than now. Oh yes, there are so many memories.

5o’s were one of the most exciting eras. This time period had a lot of jobs and almost no crime. In fact, my grandfather says that he did not even have to lock his car. Well, times have changes and certainly not for the better as we no have close to no jobs, but plenty of crime. Just not too far from where I live, crooks shot a friend of mine. Also, they stole his car. Sadly, he is no longer with us. Yesterday, I saw his wife crying. What a horrible world we live in.

Most people want an escape. A place they could go to where things are better and they do not have to worry. That is why people go on cruises. Safety is high, and they do not have around them those that are desperate and poor. Basically, cruise ships are floating cities, which take you all over. Think of a floating hotel that can go to hundreds of ports every year. Maybe we can expect to see in the future more cruises.

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