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6 Best Places to Visit for Winter Fun

Winter is the best time to really unwind and spend some time away from home. The holidays mean that there are extra opportunities for vacation from the office where you can have some relaxation. It is a nice time to reward yourself and even get some respite from the anxiety and stress that you get from work. Touring at the end of the year is perfect in capping a year that is full of challenges and surprises which make life worthwhile. If you are looking to do your vacation this time of year here are some destinations that you can consider.

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Caribbean is beautiful in this time of year. Especially if you’re coming from a frigid place where there is snow all around and sub-zero temperatures. Caribbean is a very popular destination among Europeans especially British people. The beautiful beaches of Jamaica and the Bahamas will capture your fancy and will become your new happy place for the winter. Some of the best beaches are here and you will soon forget all your worries and leave the anxiety symptoms that you have back home. Just cut down on posting too much pictures of you sipping a Pina colada since they may cause a lot of anxiety to your Facebook friends who are unable to make the trip.

New Zealand

New Zealand? Is it also cold down there? Yes during the winter but not in the summer. You see like Australia, New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. This means that during December it is freaking hot down there. While most of the world is shivering in winter—New Zealanders are getting to the beach because it is summer. So buckle up with your nice Hawaiian shirt and go down to one of New Zealand’s finest beaches and do a lot of summer activities while it is winter back home.


Well if you want to get chilly and get more Christmassy this time of year—it is best to go to Cologne. Cologne is famous for its Christmas bazaars and night markets. Touring Cologne can get you into the Christmas mood with all the trees and the decorations that line up the city. It seems that you will be transported to a medieval Christmas time where living was simple and the life is less complicated. You can visit the Cologne cathedral for a great time and learn how Christmas used to be celebrated.


Brazil is not only the place to go for the FIFA World Cup and the next Olympics but it is the best place for a winter vacation. Brazil is a great winter spot and very nice to visit from December to March. The Brazilian weather during this time is quite nice especially for travelers that are longing for some reprieve from the frigid weather back home. You can actually sunbathe to your heart’s content. You can also get to experience the café culture of Buzios which is a city in Brazil. Buzios has streets lined with restaurants and bars which offer that genuine Brazilian hospitality.

Los Angeles

Where in the world can you get a chance to rub elbows with famous celebrities this time of year? Los Angeles, baby! Los Angeles can offer you some sunkissed experience right smack of winter. The second-largest US city has all the amenities that can give you a good time away from the cold winter weather back home. It is a must to visit the Walk of Fame and explore the city’s museum. If you’re a basketball fan you have two teams to root for and they are playing in the same arena-the Staples Center.


Caramoan is a paradise island that is found at the heart of central Philippines. You need not to worry about typhoons hitting at this time of year. Most of the typhoons are already gone since the typhoon season stretches from June to November. Caramoan is perfect for those who want to get desensitized and want complete relaxation to overcome the anxiety and stress of the world. Caramoan was featured in two seasons of The Survivor and offers splendid beaches amid the backdrop of nature’s wonders.

There is nothing like spending the holidays away from snow and ubercold temperatures. You can get your money’s worth as some places would give you winter deals if you book early. The great thing about winter travel is that you are getting some recharge as you face another year and new set of challenges to conquer.

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