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Beach Side Clothing Tips for Goa

Goa is a stunning state in India, which is blessed with dazzling panoramic views and natural beauty.  Situated in the West coast of India, particularly in the kokan Region, this state is known for its stunning beaches and refreshing ambiance. As a matter of fact, the beaches of Goa are among the world’s finest beaches. The 125-kilometer long shorelines sprinkled with silvery sand, pretty shacks and swaying palm trees makes an ideal location to spend a vacation. Regardless if it is for a weekend getaway, a family vacation or honeymoon, Goa has everything you are looking for in your next holiday destination.

What draws visitors to go to Goa is its eye-catching affluence of beaches that is divided in two parts – the North and South Goa. Despite the location, all of the Goa’s beaches have three things in common, and that is beauty, serenity, and tranquility. The beaches in the north part of Goa are famous for glittering carnivals and beach parties. The sparkling nightlife and foot- stamping music of North Goa is a delight for any party love.

Opposite of what North has to offer, you will see an entirely different side of the South Goa. The tranquil and serene atmosphere here offers travelers the needed break from the noisy life of the city. The south of Goa is a stop off destination for a stress-free seclusion where visitors can relax themselves and experience a soulful vacation.

Now, you already know these facts about the beaches of Goa, it’s time that you plan for your vacation immediately. However, never forget what to bring on your trip to Goa.

Clothing in goa

Here are the things that need to be on the beach during your vacation:

  1. Swimwear

Of course, this should be on top of your list. You can try ruffled swimwear as flirty ruffles have already made its way in the swimwear collection this season. From swim dresses to halter bikinis, you will surely encounter one with ruffles. A perfect example of this ruffles swimsuit is the Bohemian Ruffled Bandeau Bikini. You may also try other varieties of swimwear like Sexy Black Bikini Set, Metallic Bikini Set, or Lycra bikini top and matching g-string. If you still don’t have any of these, you can consider buying bikini online from PrivyPleasures.

  1. Roomy beach tote

When going on a beach, it is not advisable to use a small bag. The bag that you will need should be big enough to carry your paperback, sunscreen, towel and other beach necessities. This summer, carrying a beach tote that can house the things that you will need to bring to the beach will be ideal.

  1. Wide brimmed hat

Guard yourself from too much exposure from the sun by using a wide brimmed hat. You can use straw hats that come in different dramatic designs, unique shapes and fun colors.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be both functional and glamorous. It guards your eyes and skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

  1. Fabric headband

If using a hat is not your thing, you can pull back your long hair using a fabric headband. An elastic headband provides an easy means to get your beach hairstyle away from your pretty face and be adorable looking.

  1. Sunscreen

When going to the beach, it is important to bring a sunscreen. Apply sunscreen on your skin every two hours. There are also hair products that have sunscreen. You can also use them to guard your scalp and head, as well.

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