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Volkswagen Vento Facelift – What Autoportal has to say


The Volkswagen Vento is an internationally acclaimed sedan from the German car maker. The Volkswagen India Private Limited (VIPL) has launched the sedan Vento in the Indian market in the year 2011. During the 2014 Geneva auto show a refreshed version of the Vento has been showcased. The Vento Facelift ...

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Choosing a Better Fog light for Your Car


In extreme weather conditions such as torrential rains, the most important function in your vehicle is performed by headlights and is critical to the safety of the passengers. The headlights that you will find in the market are usually ineffective in such scenarios and will not save you from bad ...

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How to sell your used car?

sell your used car

When you are ready to sell your used car, you want to ensure that you do that quickly. As most people are looking for a great value and a used car that is in good condition, you are on to a great start if you meet all these requirements. On ...

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A Buyer’s Guide to Private Number Plates

When it comes to buying a private number for your car, a lot of questions come into our mind. These include queries like – how to start, what to choose, will it be within my budget, what kind of documents I need to provide and so on. It can appear ...

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Car Oil Engine Fuel Injector: A Blessing for Car Owners

The world of automobiles is quite dynamic as it has kept on adding best inventions and technologies to its domain for years together. Several inventions have enhanced the utility and performance of the vehicles. One such device is car fuel injector. These injectors replaced the carburetors in the eighties. Although ...

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Check Out For the New 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c

The 2014 Alfa Romeo 4c is the new thing in the web. This beauty first appeared as a concept car back at the Geneva auto show in 2011. Now the real deal is on and it is scheduled to be released officially at the same venue and the specs pretty ...

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How Can a Turbo Kit Improve a Car’s Performance


When people talk about racing cars or sports cars, the first thing that comes to mind are their turbochargers. A turbo can dramatically improve a car’s performance by increasing its engine’s horsepower without adding a lot of additional weight – the primary reason that make the turbo kits stocked at ...

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