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Choosing a Better Fog light for Your Car

In extreme weather conditions such as torrential rains, the most important function in your vehicle is performed by headlights and is critical to the safety of the passengers. The headlights that you will find in the market are usually ineffective in such scenarios and will not save you from bad lighting situations in such weather conditions. For tackling with such scenarios, you can find fog lights designed specifically to meet the purpose.


Like most readers, you might also be thinking that why it is important to keep fog lights when you can find headlights in the market. Answer is straightforward, that for penetrating fog, light needs to be of higher wavelength than emitted from normal headlights. Conventional Front Car Lights are usually designed to just pass through normal weather conditions and are of shorter wavelength than that required to penetrate the fog. Whereas fog lights use red or yellow bulbs in themselves, these colors are proven to be of longer wavelength. Also fog lights emit highly focused beam of light to pass through fog easily and providing the driver much more visibility than he would get by headlights.

Even though there are many colors available for these fog lights, the most preferred one is indeed white Xenon Fog Light Bulbs. Some cool drivers also like the yellow colored bulbs. Apart from the color, there are many types of fog lights for you to choose from according to your needs and of course meeting within the economic constraints. Even though the most used bulbs in the past were halogen based bulbs, but they are now being phased out by Xenon based bulbs since they offer more brightness. If your area encounters the problem of too much fogging, then these Xenon fog lights may work better for you.

Even though most cars come with built in halogen bulbs, you may use bulbs from market for replacing them. Some cars even have got fog lighting system when they come brand new, but these fog lights are not to the par with fog lights available in the market. Market bulbs also provide you much more stylistic design to your car. When you have them installed on front of your car, your car will look more of a sports car shape.

Rear end fog lights are also being offered, but unlike front fog lights, they are completely optional and driver may use them or not. These rear flashlights warn drivers at the back that they should take care ahead because of low visibility. Still, you may take care when you are making use of these rear lights during driving, because drivers may think that you are indicating sudden stop and may stop behind thus causing sever accident. Rear lights must be turned off immediately when visibility has improved and fog lights are no longer needed.

Apart from the functionality, great thing about these fog lights that they are being offered in wide array of available designs, colors and styles. For compatibility with your car’s design you must take care of the car’s design as well when choosing fog light. If you buy branded set of fog lights, it may be bit heavy on your budget at first, but they will be worthy of it, because they are more durable and will last longer than non-branded versions.



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