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Enjoy a beautiful evening in the desert

Going for a safari tour is something that no one should miss out because of the unique nature of Dubai dune bashing. The experience of going on this off-road drive into the vast Arabic desert, enjoying its scenic beauty and indulging in different fun activities is worth everyone’s time and money.

Anyone who has ever experienced desert safari in Dubai will tell you that the tour is, indeed, unforgettable and something that you will love to share with your friends and family once you return home. Dune bashing tours have different types of packages to offer to tourists. One can choose to go for the morning tour, the evening tour or the overnight stay in the desert. Out of the three, the most preferred one is the evening tour.

Activities included in the evening package

The tour begins in the afternoon. After an exhilarating dune drive that is like a rollercoaster ride in the desert, the cars stop at various stops so that people can take pictures of the incredible desert panorama, especially at sunset. Next, the tourists are taken to the camps where the remaining fun awaits.

The traditional aura of the campsite is amazing and something that one would want to photograph. At the camps, one can ride the camels and even go for activities like sand skiing. After you are done with these activities, you can enjoy a mouthwatering Arabian BBQ meal that will leave everyone asking for more. The dainty dinner also includes a variety of salads and sides. The tour also offers vegetarian options in case someone doesn’t want to eat meat.

At the camps, tourists can also enjoy the traditional Arabian water pipe called ‘shisha’, traditional Arabic coffee and delicious dates. One can also find alcoholic drinks in the camps for extra payment.

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