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Godesto: UAE Hotels For UK Prices

I don’t know about you but the price of hotels in the UAE often makes me want to crawl into my kitchen cupboards and cry.

Source: godesto.com

The price of a hotel is one of the most important parts about booking a holiday anywhere and the UAE’s hotel prices are some of the highest in the world so it’s even more important to get the best deal.

And this is where Godesto comes in.

What is Godesto?

Godesto is a relatively new service set up to find you the best prices for the best hotels.

Godesto doesn’t try to compare across different travel agent websites, Godesto connects you directly with the hotel room traders and bed banks who supply the travel agents with their offers.

By avoiding the rabbit hole of travel agents, Godesto can find you the best prices for hotels.  Sometimes these prices can be half of that of other leading hotel comparison services.

With over 350,000 hotels and apartments worldwide, Godesto can pinpoint special deals specifically for you.

Benefits and Features

Ten Plus Ten Rewards

We all know that every business on this planet is trying to lure us in with lucrative offers and deals but with Godesto’s Ten Plus Ten Rewards you can get instant benefits from recommending friends and family to booking with this cheaper service.

The idea behind Ten Plus Ten Rewards is that when you share your personal affiliate link with others, they receive a free $10 bonus credit towards their first booking.  Not only that, when they make that booking, you also get free $10 bonus credit.

Hey, it’s almost like they’re paying you!

Soon enough all of that free credit will add up and you’ll be able to get yourself a lovely free night or two at your favourite hotel, ka-ching!

Cheaper Holidays

With Godesto, you will find cheaper hotel deals because they avoid travel agents.  They deal direct with the hotel room traders and bed banks.

Typically, a hotel room trader will supply their information to a travel agent and then that travel agent will supply their information to a third party service who will combine all of the supplied information.  However, this makes it complicated and you never know where extra fees are being added in, rubbish.

Godesto skips all of that and deals direct.

No extras fees and the ability to set up special discounted offers just for you.  These discounts and offers can bring the price of a hotel room down by as much as 50%!

Your next holiday will be much cheaper with Godesto.


Booking my next hotel with Godesto might be the smartest choice I’ve made all year, will it be yours too?

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