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How Can a Turbo Kit Improve a Car’s Performance

When people talk about racing cars or sports cars, the first thing that comes to mind are their turbochargers. A turbo can dramatically improve a car’s performance by increasing its engine’s horsepower without adding a lot of additional weight – the primary reason that make the turbo kits stocked at Pro Speed Racing Australia so popular.


In this article, we would learn about how the power output of an engine dramatically improves with addition of a turbo charger. Turbochargers are essentially a type of forced induction system which work by compressing the air that flows into the engine. By compressing the air, it allows the engine increase the amount of air squeezed into it which in turn means that more fuel can be added. As a result one is able extract the maximum possible amount of power pumped out by each cylinder.

In order to achieve this boost, the exhaust flow of the engine is used by the turbo to spin a turbine which in turns spins an air pump. The turbocharger’s turbine can spin at a rate of hundred thousand rpm – that’s almost thirty times the speed of the engines of most cars. Moreover, because the turbo is hooked to the car’s exhaust, the turbine’s temperature is also very high.

Most of best ways to get more juice out an engine is by increasing the amount of fuel and air it burns. One can do this by adding more cylinders to the car or by replacing the factory made cylinders with larger customized cylinders. However, these changes can be expensive and complicated, while a turbo can be a comparatively cheaper and simpler solution to add more power to your engine, especially for an aftermarket accessory.

A turbo kit is an affordable way to increasing a cars horsepower and it works by enabling the engine pack in more air and fuel into the existing cylinders. Most turbo kits can provide a boost of 7 to 9 pounds per square inch. Since atmospheric pressure at sea level is around 14.7 psi, you are actually packing your engine with 50% more air. However, turbo chargers aren’t 100% efficient so you realistically expect an improvement of around 35% to 40%, which is still a lot!

The primary cause for inefficiency is due to the fact that power that is used for spinning the engine isn’t totally fee. Since you have a turbine connected to the exhaust flow, it increases the restriction in the exhaust. As a result the engine is forced to push against a higher back pressure, when it’s on the exhaust stroke. This reduces the amount of power released from the cylinders that are also firing at the same time.

A car fitted with a turbo charger really shows proves it worth at high altitudes where the air density is lower than normal. Normal engines experience reduced performance because the pistons won’t be able to pump in the same amount of air into the engine as it did when it was running in the plains. While a turbo charged engine may also experience lower power, it would be hardly noticeable because the turbocharger would find it easier to pump in more of the thinner air into the engine.

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