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How to Dress for a Badminton Match

As a full-medal Olympic sport, the badminton is a quite popular sport worldwide and is played by the youngsters throughout the world. Adding to its fame, the game has been institutionalized in many countries with central regulatory bodies to hold large-scale events. All in all, badminton is also as an extra-curricular activity in the schools and colleges. Many students take part at the institutional level and inter-school competitions in both the single and double matches. Are you a member of your school’s badminton team? Do you practice badminton in the evening classes? To facilitate your choice of dressing, I am adding a few tips to help you.

Badminton Match

 Buy a tracksuit/ Sports-wear:

One of the first thing you must do is to get a comfortable dress for you. The best kind of sports-wear are those that are flexible and take your body’s shape. It must not be too fitted to hinder your mobility, neither it must be so loose that you have to pull your pants up every other second. An appropriate dress will let you focus on your match without having to worry about your clothes.
Secure your Phone:

If you have to practice regularly, it is not possible to keep the phone off. Plus there are some really cool applications that can detect the angle of your hand, force and other measurable. It is better to have an iPhone 5 otterbox armband that can protect your phone while it remains fastened to your wrist.

 A pair of shoes that don’t hurt:

 Remember that you have to walk, run and jump, so your shoes must be compatible. Ideally, the Nike cleats are the best for the sports activity, but you can also use the tennis shoes. Whatever you wear, always try it in the practice session to make sure this is exactly what you want.  The first thing is that you will know before the big day, if there is a problem. The other thing is that the shoes will adopt the shape of your feet till then to become more comfortable.

If you have to practice extensively during hot hours, it is better to cover your head to avoid heat stroke. Being prepared and having the right accessories like sport armband for otterbox iphone 5 will help you to perform well on the ground. Practice is the key to success, it is advisable to make maximum use of your practice session.

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