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How To Send Mass Email Salesforce

There are thousands of good reasons to start sending out mass emails to build your business, and hopefully most of them are in your contacts files. Email is one of the most common ways on the planet to communicate. It’s more popular than snail mail and it towers over texts when it comes to generating new sales for your business. A top tool to send mass email Salesforce is what marketers are learning to rely on these days.

Depending upon which version of Salesforce you have, you can send anywhere from 250 to 1,000 emails to external addresses per day. It’s a great way to cultivate a relationship with your partners, vendors, customers, and leads. Best of all, it is easy to set up and send once you’ve covered the basics.

Steps To Follow To Send Mass Email Salesforce

Start by selecting which types of recipients you want to contact in your mass email. In the Salesforce application, you can label your contacts in many different ways which make this selection process very easy. Go to the Tools menu, and click on Mass Email to Contacts, Mass Email to Leads, or Mass Email to Users.

The next step is to deselect the emails on the generated list that you don’t want to include. To do this, select the list view. All emails will have a check next to them by default. Simply uncheck the box to refine your list and move on to the next step.

There are templates available when you need to send mass email salesforce. You need to select one of the available templates and preview it. Simply click on Preview to do this. While this step is not required, it is a good one to include when setting mass emails up. This way you will be certain of the look before you click on send.

It’s time to confirm that you are ready to send your mass email in Salesforce. There are five options and you will need to select one of the following: Mass email name, BCC me on the message, Store an activity for each message, Use my signature, or Processing Options.

Your mass email in Salesforce is now ready to send. You will be given a couple of delivery options. You can either click Send Now or you can schedule a date and time for delivery. Simply click Send, followed by Finished to complete the process.

Other Benefits

In Salesforce, you have a powerful tool for organizing your contacts. Add the ability to send mass email Salesforce, and the software becomes amazing in its ability to develop business leads into customers. It’s also a great way to send out newsletters to your existing customer base or keep members of your internal organization apprised of your progress.

Best of all, if you have fully filled out the fields in the email contact list, you can target your customers by sending them specific offers that they will be interested in receiving, which is key for a successful email campaign.

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