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IMEI Changer Process With Apk

If you need to change imei then you are on the right place to use IMEI Changer service for free. Why Do You Want to Change Your Phone’s IMEI Code? When you make the decision to change the imei code of your mobile phone device or the modem deice your using you probably figured the benefits you can withdraw from that change. As a matter of fact, everyone who has changed their IMEI code has done that to remove the network restrictions off their cell phone devices.

IMEI Change Process

When you buy a brand new mobile phone from any carrier you usually buy it by signing a contract. The carrier then reduces the price of the phone but makes you their client until the two years stated in the contract are over. To make some leverage the carriers use your devices unique 15 or sometimes 14-digit number, also known as the IMEI, to make sure they have control over your device at any time. This way even if you decide to change the current network carrier with a different one you will be unable to because your phone will reject the other SIM card and all that is due to the fact that your IMEI is registered and kept in the database of one carrier only. There is no way for you to enter the carrier’s database and delete the IMEI from there, but you can change it instead. This way your action will go unnoticed and you will have unlocked your SIM locked device pain-free. What’s more you can get the IMEI Changer tool and do the IMEI change for free.

How To Use The IMEI Changer Apk Tool

There is nothing much to learn about how to use this software application tool. Reading the shortened version of the instruction will be just enough for you to understand how does the tool function.

Before you start the real deal you need to find the IMEI of your mobile phone device that already exists. If you are the original owner of the tool you can probably see the IMEI printed on the phone’s battery or even on top of the original box. If you’re not the original owner, there are other ways you can try. For example, you can use your phone’s menu and find the settings icon. Click on it then find the option “general” after you click on it see the option “about”. When you open the “about” option you will see a lot of details about your mobile phone device amongst which you will inevitably see the 15-digit IMEI code. Write it down correctly.

If you think that the steps mentioned above are too complicated and impossible for you to achieve, then you can dial *#60# to “call” the IMEI on your mobile phone’s screen. Write the IMEI down on a piece of paper or save it in a text document on your PC.

Next, you need to confirm in which country was the phone first bought from and what is the exact carrier that hold the unlock key for your device. As soon as you know these particulars you can turn on your computer and open any internet browser you want. Just type IMEI Changer Tool and you will see many pages where this tool was mentioned in. select your source and download the IMEI Changer Tool from there. After you have the tool on your computer these are the steps you should follow:

IMEI Changer Step By Step Procedure

  1. Connect your mobile phone device to the computer where the tool was installed. Use a USB cable for this step.
  2. Open the tool to start the IMEI changing operation.
  3. Insert the name of the carrier, the country and the IMEI you would like to change. If you enter a wrong imei then it is obvious that the IMEI change will never happen.
  4. After you checked that every detail you entered is correct you should click CHANGE.
  5. Give it a couple of minutes and your new IMEI will pop up in the changer-window of the IMEI Changer Tool.
  6. The last step would be to restart the mobile phone handset for the changes to take place.

This is the easiest way for anyone to change their IMEI code and to remove the network restrictions off their mobile phone devices. The IMEI Changer Tool is supported by non-stop customer support service so you can contact them whenever you feel like you need help with the IMEI changing process.

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