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How To Make More Mother’s Day By Doing Less

Mother’s day is here. Scent of celebration and anticipation fills the air. Greetings and well wishes fly across the world. Exchange of a few simple but sweet words spreading joy and gifting smiles.

As much as we hear, especially in our culture, that everyday should be mother’s day 2016, we know that dedicating a single unique day to honors these wonderful being cannot bring any harm, but rather helps us stay connected and close as a family. These little excuses to celebrate and acknowledge vital relationships is becoming increasingly important in a world soon to be dominated, and then engulfed, by technology, where we find hard to even to acknowledge the person sitting next to us.

This day lays emphasis, and makes mothers realize, on the fact that there exist relationships, that now matter how hard evil technology may try, it cant replace. The same follows for every other relationship, of course, but this one in specific.

Mother’s day gives us a reason to celebrate with our beloved mothers, and make them laugh and smile and may be cry with joy. It provides us with a perfect excuse to have some family time, an opportunity make her feel special and honored and valued, amid the hustle and bustle of the crazy, deteriorating world around us.

The internet is full of Mother’s Day 2016 dedicated to mothers, long speeches honoring mothers and thanksgiving notes. And every year, the stock continues to increase.

Let us present our love to God’s best gift to mankind, a relation that beats all, defeats all. To all the Mothers around the world. The stay at home Mothers and working mothers. The ones who are able to give their children all the luxuaries of life and the ones who struggle to feed their kids. The ones who only had the honour of being a mother for a few precious moments and then had to see their child leave the world, and to those whose children are living a full, healthy life. To the desperate mothers trying to find a way to keep their children alive in a war zone, and those reading bedtime stories to their little ones at home in peace.

These beautiful souls always manage to surprise us just by the amount of care they carry in their hearts. Without a split second hesitation, they will give up whatever you ask of them, if it means the well being of their children. They will have several sleepless http://www.usmothersday.com night, in a row, just because her toddler has fever, who, by the way, is soundly a sleep. And yet, in the morning, they will be all active, not giving even the slightest hint of their tiredness. So, in return for all that, they do deserve a little more just a long Mother’s Day Message telling her how great she is, through over used saying and quotes. Make it special for the special person. Make it something memorable

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