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Myths Regarding Growth Stunting

There are many myths prevailing in our society regarding stunted growth that need to be debunked. Growth stunting is a medical condition that occurs mainly due to malnutrition in infancy and childhood. The human body develops the most during the first few years and a lack of vital nutrients at that critical stage can cause this medical condition, which has dangerous and permanent effects. Some of the common myths regarding growth stunting are as follows.

Heavy Loads Make You Shorter

This is one of the most common myths regarding growth stunting. Wearing a heavy bag on your shoulders regularly will slowly make you shorter. This myth is untrue as it has been discussed before that malnutrition is the leading cause of stunt growth. However, wearing heavy bags can alter a person’s posture if they’re not careful. This can lead to a hunched appearance, which can give an illusion of height difference. Even though this myth isn’t true, it doesn’t mean heavy bags on shoulders aren’t dangerous as they can cause soreness and pain in the neck and back of a person.

Chiropractors and Masseuses Make You Taller

Some people believe that frequently going to the chiropractor and masseuse can make you taller by stretching your spine. This myth is obviously false too. A massage, either by a professional or amateur, can’t stretch your spine. It can, however, relax your body and improve your posture. Improvement in posture can be mistaken for an increase in height, but this is nothing more than an illusion. Massages by professionals are healthy and can prove to be beneficial for back, neck and shoulder pain and can solve your posture problems.

Caffeine Causes Growth Stunting

This is probably the most ridiculous and common myth regarding stunted growth. According to this myth, drinking too much caffeine in childhood can cause stunted growth. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Caffeine intake does not make you shorter. It can make you irritable, jittery, paranoid, or hyperactive though. Caffeine can also cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to a weakened immune system.

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