Women love to dress up and are on a constant look out for new trends and fashions that are circulating in the market. However, it is not the privilege of some to have a slim and enviable figure. But why should they be deprived of dressing fashionably? Earlier, over sized or as they call it “plus size” women had to make do with self- patterned stitched clothes. Not anymore, as many fashion houses have started making readymade clothes in plussize. Right from casual wear, summer wear, work wear to party dresses and even plus size maxi dresses.  So all the women with a fuller body and a slightly heavy stature can now flaunt all the lovely garments that could once be only related to slim beauties.


A well endowed body with fuller curves needs a dress that gives an elegant appearance and camouflages the heaviness properly. Nothing can be more apt for plus size women than a beautifully draped maxi dress. Maxi dresses help to hide the heavy thighs as well as fatter waist. The cut and flow of the dress helps to accentuate positive aspects of the body like neckline, shoulders etc.

Now all boutiques have started keeping plus size dresses. In fact, there are special outlets that sell only plus size dresses. Nonetheless, if you do not want to go out and hunt for your favorite dress, then you can do that comfortably from your home at a click of the mouse. Yes, that’s right. Now it is easier to order plus size maxi dresses or any plus size dresses online. There are many online stores that offer this facility to browse in peace.

One such site that has a good collection of clothes in all sizes and especially plus sizes is www.dressus.net.The site offers plus size dresses in all styles and the best part is the site offers dresses at cheap and wholesale prices. It is like a double bonus for the ones who wish to order their plus size dresses online. Firstly, you do not have to window shop and run from one retailer to another, hunting for your favorite style.  You can do that right from the comfort of your home. Secondly and most importantly, you get the deals at a bargain price instead of spending a fortune on designer wear in a boutique.

Online stores have a good collection of clothes, available in various styles, fabrics and colors. The choice is unlimited, as there are many online stores to choose from. In case of women, Plus size is the size that is above L or XL that is for a bust size 50” and above. The waist size also matters.

Dressus.net site gives a proper guideline about how to select your size and how to measure your body. This facilitates in ordering the dress in desired size and not have a totally out of shape dress delivered to you. Online stores also have the convenience of making payments through various means. Dressus.net uses 4 modes of payment – PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and Alipay Account. You can select the mode best suited to you. So just choose a dress and click.

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