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Peterson’s team must engage in

England cricket team bowler James Anderson said his team ‘s global ranking in Test cricket for the first team to bring Pietersen involvement is essential .

He said that we want the UK Test cricket team in the world rankings to number our best players to come back and it would be nice to show karrgrdgy Peterson is one of them .

Consists of four Test matches between England and India first match of the series will begin in Ahmedabad on November fifteenth .

Anderson told BBC Radio Five Peterson joining the team , he ‘ll be happy .

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The thirty-two -year-old Peterson was dismissed from the team last month when they match against South Africa during the South African players , especially captain Andrew Strauss and his team about the ‘outrageous’ text messages were sent .

Kevin Pietersen of South Africa players allegedly critical of his own country’s team based on players to send text messages had apologized .

Eighty-eight , thirty-two -year-old Kevin Pietersen from England in Test matches at an average of twenty- nine decimal four eight centuries and seven half -centuries have been scored Seventy- seven thousand thanks .

One hundred and forty- seven one-day matches Patterson measured an average of four centuries and nine half -centuries from twenty- four and twenty -four thousand one hundred and thirty-seven decimal nine three ODI matches at an average of seven half -centuries from a thousand one hundred seventy-six scorers .

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