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How to Stay in Shape Beside Having a Body with Curves

Do you Like to Have a Body as Kim Kardashian? – ONLY FOR YOU She Reveals How to Stay in Shape Beside Having a Body with Curves


Since she became part of the show biz Kim has tried many weight loss programs. Some of them had results and Kim has noticeably lost weight, but it was just temporary. When she got back to the normal nutrition, she got back her pounds. But she says that she found out a solution how to say in shape and at the same time not to starve. She says the key is in the MODERATION.How to Stay in Shape Beside Having a Body with Curves.jpg


Kim is not too tall lady with recognizable curves that the whole world envies. But if she puts some pounds plus it can be seen. That is the reason why she has to be careful of the food quantity she eats.


In recent times seems like Kim has found a solution for her problem. She looks better than ever and reveals part of the key elements in her nutrition.


Firstly, she gave up on taking any type of sugars. She says that at the beginning it was very difficult and unthinkable but she managed to stay consistent to her nutrition.


Her meals are composed of healthy and light nutrient. Kim says for breakfast she eats eggs with turkey meat, salad for lunch and fish, pastries or chicken for dinner. She is thankful to her sister Cortney for the consumption of unprocessed food.


But to achieve the wanted results, the healthy nutrition should be accompanied by exercises. Kim exercises 1 hour a day with her personal coach Gunar Peterson. He tries to use the time maximally and to do more exercises.


Zekirija Kain is a health writer and licensed nutritionist with nearly a decade of professional experience. He has written a number of articles on health. He works for www.healthwantcare.com



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