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The Benefits of a Current NatWest Account Holder

The Benefits of a Current NatWest Account Holder NatWest, or the National Westminster Bank, is the biggest commercial and retail bank in the UK that has been many people’s favourite due to the services and benefits the customers enjoy. The bank has previously merged with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group since 2000 having assets that make them among the 10 leading banks worldwide. A lot of people have benefited from the bank and they are content with the service and products from NatWest all over the UK.


The current account holders enjoy some great benefits such as

Enhanced Online Banking

The NatWest online banking will grant you a much easier management of your account whenever and wherever. Evidently, it won the 2012 Your Money Best Online Banking Provider’ award. On the platform, you will be able to see all of your balances in relation to transactions and you can also handle your standing orders, send texts and emails or manage your track savings. It is available to account holders of 11 years and above.

Available Mobile App

This feature is quick, user-friendly and safe that allows you to control your finances wherever you are, whether outside in the streets, on vacations, at school or on the bus. All you need to do is to download the app from any of the mobile apps stores, mostly Google store or ITunes. Once you have it, you can check balances, transfers funds, top up on your phone and other functions.

Get Cash’ easily

This feature, Get Cash’ allows you to withdraw money from your account without the need of a card. All you need to do is to use the mobile app downloaded on your phone. You will be needed to generate a secret code which will then allow you to withdraw your cash from any of the bank partners of NatWest.

Cash back Plus Rewards

NatWest current account holders only need to ensure their account is active and use their Visa Debit card and they could be one of the lucky customers who win the Cashback Rewards. The promotion is available to the personal current account holders in the UK, excluding the Cash, Step and Basic current account holders.

• Quick Emergency Cash

Suppose you lose your card, you will be able to access your money from any of the ATMs around. You must at least have 20 pounds in your account so that you can use this service. Once the card is lost, you will call the natwest contact phone number and you will be asked some security questions to be given a code. That code will then help you to withdraw money from any ATM. The positive side is that the call centre is open 24/7 and the response is rapid.

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