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The Importance and Legal Requirementfor Front Bike Lights

Bicycles are a convenient alternative to modern day transports powered by fuel. Traditional bicycles are cheaper than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles and can run the miles without the use of any fuel. In addition, bicycles and its variants are accessible almost everywhere in the world — it is that convenient.No wonder the popularity of the vehicle is known worldwide.

Just like any busybodies whose activity involves travelling from one distance to another, the use of bicycles are also employed sometimes without regards to the time.Whether you are a person who loves to bike out of leisure or you just prefer to use bicycle as a means for transportation, know that bicycle or just bike is built with a limitation in its design. May be developed with sunshine in mind and intended to be used during daytime, bicycles naturally do not come with built-in lights in them as compared to motorcycles which are also another two-wheeled means of transport vehicle however powered by gasoline. In other words, riding a bicycle during nighttime is as dangerous as any without any lights.

Bike Lights

Xtreme Bright, a company behind the Front Bike Light, knows this problem in every bicycle’s design and developed a solution to any of those bicycles’ problem during the nighttime – light.

What separates daytime from nighttime is for obvious reason that is light. Daytime is naturally brighter without the need for any artificial lights. However, nighttime is different. While it does have its light coming from surroundings specifically the moon and artificial lights as lamps, not everything during that time is lit. After all, the light such light sources can approach is still limited and is incomparable to sun. Thus, it is during this time of the day that using a bicycle as a means of transportation is dangerous without proper lighting. In fact, there is a reason why cars and related vehicles have their front and rear lights opened during this time of the day – to be noticeable from what should naturally be dark and such vehicles’ path be lit.

Aside from the vehicle’s flaw, we too are flawed during the night. Our eyes do not function as much without proper lighting. Even a person who has an optimum 20/20 vision is not immune to such fact. As much as the bicycle’s design is flawed, we too are flawed. That is why we resort to our aids that is our technology.

It is in that context that the need for Bike Lights are highlighted. In order to compensate to what is a flaw to a bicycle’s design, bike lights make up for it.

Legal Requirements for the Issues of Bicycle Lighting

According to the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations (RVLR) of 2009, the following are set as the minimum legal requirement for cyclists who ride on the road in between sunset and sunrise:

  • There must be at least a white light situated in front of the bicycle
  • A red light at the rear part of the bicycle
  • A red rear reflector
  • Four amber pedal reflectors situated at both front and rear of each pedal respectively

To increase the chances of safety while cycling during this time of the day, additional preventive measures and precautions can also be employed along with the requirements mentioned above, namely,the use of bright and fluorescent clothing accessories, glow-in-the-dark accessories, or additional bike lights for better noticeability.

While it is true that add-ons such as a bike lights is not everything when looking for a bike, it is supposed to be avalued feature which may have been neglected by bicycle makers of the day.

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