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The New Toshiba Satellite Radius, an A+ laptop for Students

The end of summer is lurking around the corner and it will only be a matter of time before its necessary to make those ‘new school year’ tech purchases. Toshiba has introduced what just might be ‘the’ laptop for the back-to-school buying season.

Its new Satellite Radius laptop is destined to be the most wanted device for students this fall. Never mind the fact that it doubles as a laptop or a tablet with a simple twist of the screen. Never mind that is has a killer Harmon/Kardon sound system built-in or an Ultra HDMI port that can support up to 4K output.

It also features an industry standard and super-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Of course there is a built-in Webcam and microphones that are dual-array, designed to increase the clarity of voice chatting, and assist the use of the built in Dragon Assistant voice control technology which allows users to speak commands to do such things as makes posts to social media, check email, search the web, and more.

Toshiba Satellite Radius

On the tablet side the Toshiba Satellite Radius includes such features as: a gyroscope, and accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, and a compass, all geared to stimulate the tablet geek.

It boasts a sleek brushed aluminum enclosure and a patented ‘tru-type’ LED back lit keyboard.

On the inside it sports a 4th generation Intel i5 processor which runs Windows 8.1. The storage space is a 1TB hard drive, definitely adequate for the needs of most.

Unlike its competitors in this regard the Toshiba Satellite Radius screen is much big. A whopping 15.6 inch screen. Rather grand in comparison to the other 10″, 11″ and 12″ screens that are being offered. But don’t forget that this 15.6″ screen rotates 360 degrees. Allowing its owner to use it in many different modes; presentation, tablet, laptop, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there. It also has 3 USB ports and an HDMI port. One of the USB supports what Toshiba calls its “sleep and charge” technology. It allows USB powered electronics to remain charging even when the laptop is off. Wow!

The versatility that this laptop offers make it adaptable in almost any situation. For a college student who wants to be serious about his or her studies or even for just the average computer user the Toshiba Satellite Radius opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Perhaps the deal-sealer on this laptop/tablet is the sticker price. All of that incredible stuff for under a $1,000 dollars. Now that should makes us all want to back to school again.

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