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What are the main differences between foam rolling or using a rumble roller?

Self-myofascial release or “foam rolling” used to be a practice performed only by serious athletes. Now it has been adopted by a multitude of people interested in sports.  Foam rolling is simply a type of self-massage. It is used to release any muscle tightness or trigger points. Therefore aiding recovery and helping them become more elastic. The rumble roller is an updated version of foam rolling. We purchased the full sized, blue, rumble roller from Kit Box for £59.99 to test out. They also stock a smaller version available for £39.99 if you are planning on taking it to various locations which is pretty handy too!

Let me tell you about my foam rolling history: A few years ago I had embarked on the CrossFit program and felt some muscle pain in my shoulders. It was really niggling me and affecting my progress and training. My training partner suggested that I tried some foam rolling to ease it. Before this, I’d considered foam rolling a bit of a fallacy. Yet to my surprise (and after a little bit of pain) the foam rolling really started to help. After this I started using foam rolling as part of my every day training routine.

Foam rollers are the standard piece of foam that you see in the gym. They normally come in two different densities: black which is high density and white which is a softer density. If you are a beginner to foam rolling then it may be beneficial to use a standard foam piece when starting to do foam rolling. It will let you see the benefits of foam rolling without being too intrusive and painful.

However over time, if you are a foam rolling convert (like me!) You will soon realise that standard foam rollers begin to bend out of shape and flatten very quickly.  Therefore finding something a little sturdier will be a priority. That is when I discovered the rumble roller. It really is the perfect option if you would like to move onto a deeper and more effective massage. Its sturdy body means it will not bend out of shape and will outlast a dozen of the standard foam rollers. The surface of the Rumble Roller contains specially designed bumps that are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist.

As you roll over it, the bumps continuously massage the contours of your body. This action erodes quickly and erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to muscular pain.
Rumble rollers are available in two different densities. Blue is the original and softest whereas black is denser (and not for the faint hearted!)

A rumble roller will give you a more intensive massage in those areas where you may really need it.  The bumps in the design get a lot deeper into the muscle tissue, which is especially good for thicker areas like quads and calves. It also does a better job getting in around muscle attachments.

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