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What is the reason behind the success of hydroponics?

Hydroponic is a Latin word that in simple words means working water. In other words it may as well be defined as the growing of plants in the absence of soil. Most people assume that the only form of hydroponic out there is the roots of the plants being suspended directly into a water. However this is certainly not the case. There are various form of hydroponics and this particular one is just one of the many ways. The suspension of the roots of the plant in water is known as Nutrient Film Technique also known as N.F.T, and it is one of the most famous form of hydroponics out there. Even NFT has a number of variations that are subjected to utilization in various parts of the world.

Reasons behind the success of Hydroponics:

The main reason behind the success of hydroponics is that it provides the plant with all the nutrients it needs in exactly the right amount and at the right time. This makes it possible for the plant growth to be better than the rest. Thus making the plant taken into consideration as genetically healthy as possible.

Moreover it is not just the amount of nutrients that play a vital role in the genetic success of the plants growth. It is also the PH of the solution that can be perfectly adjusted. Unlike a soil based plant maintaining PH is significantly easier since a water soluble medium is basically a mixture and the PH of the solution can easily be maintained throughout the solution. However such is not the case for soil, as maintaining PH throughout the soil can be significantly harder.

Furthermore the well maintained PH of the solution makes it significantly easier for the plan to absorb the nutrients through its root. However if you have studied the process of absorbing nutrients from the soil, you would know that it requires a large amount of energy by the plant. This is energy that could be used for its growth and is rather wasted in the absorption of minerals against gravity. There are a number of hydroponic supplies that are required in order to setup the hydroponic gardening process.

Medium of growth:

The medium of growth is basically defined as the material used to grow the roots of the plant. These materials vary from user to user. Although there is a vast range of materials that maybe used. Some of the most common ones are as followed;

  • Rockwool
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Coconut fibres
  • gravel
  • sand

It is important to note that the material used has to be inert and under no circumstance can it provide any nutrient to the plant.

If an experiment is conducted between two genetically identical plants, where one is placed in a soil based medium while the other is placed in a hydroponic medium the results of the study will make apparent the difference between both the methodologies. The plan growth of the hydroponic one would display a faster healthier growth as compared to the traditional soil based one.

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